EASYCOIN: EZC = 100 USD - 100 million coins issued in blockchain

The world wants
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Sell your agricultural or mineral production to the world without intermediaries. Through our platform you will have more speed, confidence and benefit.

EasyCoin by
Too Easy Trading

We are at the crossroads of the world "security and stability" as a world "speed, agility, decentralization, privacy, transparency and a world of frontiers".

¿What is BlockChain?

¿What is BlockChain?

Features of EasyCoin


The currency only activates when receiving money in a custodian bank. It is backed up 1-to-1 with real US dollars.


Your cell phone is your bank, where you can directly pay other people, bills, carry your international credit card or request international transfer.


You have a dollar account, which means that if your currency loses value, your purchasing power is maintained.


Easy Coin Works with 4 decimal, and you can pay exactly what you need, without worrying about fluctuations, 1 easycoin will always be 100 dollars.

- Too Easy Team

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